08/03 • THERAPY PANTS • Slow Stitch Embroidery Embellishments, August 3 (1-4 pm) Saturday

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Join us for an afternoon of slow stitching and mending well-worn clothing. Artist and designer Susan Kim is coming to Cattywampus to teach embroidery embellishments as a creative expression on your treasured pants (or other clothing item). Susan credits her grandmother (who raised her and her sisters in Korea) for instilling in her a sense of aesthetics. “She never pointed out that this was a nice way of doing things, it’s just what she did,” Susan says. There is a story to be told through our clothing. We will celebrate the making and the worn history of our clothes through these embroidered patterns. Tea and snacks will be provided along with all the embroidery materials. You just need to bring an item of clothing to stitch.

• embroidery stitches
• mending

MATERIALS INCLUDED • included in workshop fee
• embroidery stitch instructions
• embroidery needles
• glass pins
• embroidery floss
• threader 

Bring an item of clothing to embellish or mend.

TIME • 3 hours


Susan Kim of My Dear Tejas is an artist working in the realm of fiber and leather. She appreciates the history of crafts in a variety of cultures and aims to keep the spirit of their beauty and slowness alive and present in her contemporary designs. Susan will have a popup of her clothing and accessories at Cattywampus as well. Susan's sister Christina is the creator of the beautiful handmade line Dosa.

Classes and workshops can be refunded if the event is more than 5 days from the date of the refund request. Classes may be canceled within 2 days of the event if there are not enough registrations, in which case a full refund would be provided.