10/20 • ROPE FIBER CRAFTS • Intro to Rope Making & Natural Dyeing, October 20 (12-4 pm) Sunday

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Making rope is an exciting process and can open the doors to new creative projects and ideas. Custom macrame rope anyone? In this workshop, we will teach you traditional rope making, which involves twisting or braiding yarns together to make them stronger using a rope making machine. Rope can be made from strong, firm fibers like linen and cotton or soft wool. We thought it would be fun to teach you to make rope using a variety of fibers and then some basic knots to transform your handmade rope into a functional piece of art. We will also have a few natural dye vats so that you can dip your all natural rope to create a totally customized fiber creation. Your end result could be a keychain, belt, or necklace.

The rope making materials are included in the class fee along with the use of a rope making machine. If you discover that you love making rope and want to do more of it, the rope makers will be available for purchase at 10% off to class participants as well as any yarn you want that day.

We are so excited to have Fanny Penny come teach a class at Cattywampus! Fanny is an extraordinarily creative fiber and clay artist from Ojai. She is passionate about handmade living, natural dyeing, and bold fashion. If you haven't met her before, you are in for a treat! Spending the afternoon with her will be a treat for everyone! 

3 ply rope making
• Designing/making with rope
• Natural dyeing - optional

MATERIALS REQUIRED • 10% off at Cattywampus for class participants
• A sketch book and pen
• Camera (the phone works great!)
• Large beads - optional

TIME • 4 hours


AGE • 13+

TEACHER • Fanny Penny is an Ojai-based fiber artist and ceramicist. Discovering rope making was a crucial part of her beginnings as an accessories designer/maker. Come learn the process and explore a new avenue for your creativity!

Classes and workshops can be refunded if the event is more than 5 days from the date of the refund request. Classes may be canceled within 2 days of the event if there are not enough registrations, in which case a full refund would be provided.