Cattywampus Crafts is owned and operated by the creative husband and wife duo Kirk and Anna Nozaki. Kirk and Anna moved to Ojai from Los Angeles in 2014 when seeking a small, curious community immersed in nature where they could raise their daughter. Once landing in Ojai, they were inspired by the local makers and wanted to contribute to the incredible residents and visitors. Cattywampus Crafts was envisioned as an inspiring gathering place and resource for craftspeople and artisans. It is a celebration of creativity and handmade living. Kirk and Anna's intention is that everyone realizes their innately creative spirit.

Kirk Nozaki has extensive experience in the fashion business designing clothes and home decor. His innovative designs have been sold worldwide and precede trends. Kirk's interest in architecture, music, and the natural world are persistent influences on his designs and life.

Anna Nozaki is an award winning art director and graphic designer. She is constantly immersed in creative pursuits... especially sewn and knit things for her daughter Naomi.