03/07 • FOREVER SANDALS • Intro to Leather Shoemaking, March 7 (12-4 pm) Saturday

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Learn to make your own pair of handmade leather ‘forever’ sandals in this four hour workshop led by Stace Fulwiler Wood. Forever sandals are leather sandals made with simple, high quality materials and craft techniques. Their versatile simplicity will provide years of wear and they will become more beautiful with age, forming to your feet and acquiring a rich patina. Sandalmaking shops once dotted coastal towns throughout California, though this craft has become rare as shoe production has moved away from artisan methods and materials. These days, you have to travel to Italy or Greece for custom leather sandals! Stace works to revive this traditional way of shoemaking by teaching classes throughout California.

Stace will bring a handful of simple sandal designs that you can choose to make in either veg tan leather or brown leather. As you make your sandals, Stace will show you how to fit them to your unique feet, taking into consideration your bone structure and arch height. You will learn how to shape the leather soles to your arch, attach a stacked leather heel, and use leather-working tools to cut your insoles and straps. You will learn how to use shoe glue and brass tacks to securely attach your straps, insoles and soles, resulting in a sturdy pair of sandals that you can wear for years to come. Once your sandals are assembled, Stace will finish them outside on a belt sander and…. Voilà! You’ve made your first pair of leather sandals. You will be able to walk out of the workshop wearing your new shoes! In addition to your handmade sandals, you will also take home an outline of the sandal making process, including a list of local resources for shoemaking if you want to replicate the process at home. Stace will also provide instructions for ‘care and feeding’ of your sandals. 

• leather crafting basics
• sandal making

MATERIALS INCLUDED • included in workshop fee
• supplies for making 1 pair of leather soled sandals with 3/8" stacked leather heel
• shared leather craft tools during class  

We will be cutting, kneeling, bending and standing during the sandal making process so wear something comfortable. It’s best to wear sandals as we will be getting in and out of shoes during the fitting process. Bring a water bottle and snacks to keep you going. 

TIME • 4 hours


Stace Fulwiler Wood has been making leather sandals by hand since 2013. Driven by sustainability and a ‘less, but better’ approach, she seeks to share the magic of wearing a signature pair of handmade leather sandals. She is interested in the body and the somatic relationship to the garments and accessories we favor over the other items in our closet. Stace teaches sandal making workshops in an effort to revive and demystify the lost art of sandal making, and to enable others to reclaim the joy of using their own two hands (and two feet) to finish a project in one day. Her workshops are open to everyone, however most of her students are women. She loves empowering women to learn the craft of shoemaking; a profession where women are historically underrepresented though they are the primary consumers.

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