11/23 • CALIFORNIA COLOR • Natural Dyeing, November 23 (1-4 pm) Saturday

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Take a deep dive into the world of botanical dyes featuring those plants that are either native to Southern California, can be foraged, or grown easily in our climate. The course focuses on low water, low energy preparations including how to start a solar dye vat and preserve your dye by tincturing for longer term use. In addition to instruction, students will leave with: A watercolor dye chart, local wool swatch library and their own hand-dyed Furoshiki Wrap.

Possible dyes to be demonstrated, are listed below and are either from Kristin's garden or foraged:
• scabiosa flower
• pomegranate rind
• onion skin
• oak gall
• madder root
• cochineal
• elderberry
• eucalyptus
• acorn
• coreopsis
• marigold
• avocado
• olives
• oxalis


• Which bio-regional plants give color, how to process into dye and prep fibers for “light-fastness”.
 Skilling students to work on their own and to identify “tried and true” plant dyes, and how to use minimal water.
 Basic Shibori and other resist techniques

TIME • 3 hours


AGE • 13+

TEACHER • Kristin Morrison: "All Species is the culmination of nearly 10 years of my work exploring plants that give color to create truly ecological textiles. Through the years, the humbling profound lessons learnt have brought me to this expression - to share a perspective of what apparel looks and feels like in harmony with nature. I am introducing All Species as a place for conversation, collaboration, and as a model for what we believe is a possible solution, for a thriving future for ourselves, our children's children, and for all species on this planet." 

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