INK FORAGING • Natural Ink Making with Plants, February 3 (12-3 pm) Sunday

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A workshop that teaches people how to forage for color in their neighbourhoods, mix those found pigments into usable inks, and share their street-made bottled color with the world. An event that creates community through exploration, builds a community of makers finding wildness in sidewalk cracks and handmade beauty in Mother Nature. Jason Logan, author of the gorgeous book Make Ink, will take you out and about to forage for plants which you will then make into inks back at the Cattywampus classroom. You'll come away with a bit of Ojai in a bottle and the know-how to continue making natural inks on your own. Making locally crafted inks is a wonderful way to connect and explore different areas. These are the ultimate nontoxic art supplies that are fabulous for using with kids. Imagine making art or a deeply special handwritten letter to a loved one using your plant inks from a trip you took together. We're feeling romantic and inspired just thinking of this!

• foraging
• ink making

• notebook for making notes
• comfortable shoes for walking and clothes you don't mind getting dirty

TIME • 3 hours 


TEACHER • Jason Logan is the founder of the Toronto Ink Company and author of Make Ink (a seriously gorgeous book). He is an internationally recognized designer, creative di- rector, author, and artist. His illustrations appear regularly in The New York Times and his fine art has been exhibited in New York, LA, Toronto, and the Yukon. His work has been recognized by the AIGA, SPD, The Centre for Social Innovation, and the Canada Council for the Arts. He is the author of three illustrated books that have been translated into several languages.

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