OPEN SEWING STUDIO • Sewing Class, July 30 (11-4 pm) Sunday

OPEN SEWING STUDIO • Sewing Class, July 30 (11-4 pm) Sunday

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We created an open sewing studio session as an opportunity to assist you with whatever you might want to sew. Whether it's a pattern you'd like to tackle, tracing off a beloved garment, or tailoring - this is the class for you. Our expert seamstress will be on hand to support you on your sewing journey. It's nice to have someone hold our hand as we take on something new. We are here for you!

SKILLS LEARNED • whatever you need!

MATERIALS REQUIRED • bring what you need or get supplies at Cattywampus for 10% off

TIME • 5 hours

PREREQUISITE • Sewing Machine 101 or equivalent experience 

TEACHER • Diane Steele is an experienced seamstress and passionate sewer who absolutely loves turning others onto the joys of making one's own clothes. Diane always has her eye on fashion and sustainability - often mixing vintage items in new modern ways. She is always looking on the bright side of life. Her radiant joy is infectious!