TEMARI • Japanese Embroidered Folk Art Ball Class, August 24 (6-9 pm) Friday

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Due to popular demand we have added a second Temari class!

We are so excited to welcome the creator of Temaricious - the all natural, plant-dyed cotton threads - to Cattywampus all the way from Tokyo! Naho is a master dyer, designer, and maker of the traditional Japanese embroidered folk art balls called temari. They have historically been made by mothers as a toys, but now temari remains as a traditional craft. Using only natural materials, you will experience all three steps of making temari. You will learn how to make a ball from scratch, with rice husk, herbs, aromatic oil, and paper. You'll stitch a guideline, and then, finally, you'll stitch a traditional geometric or other pattern on it. Pick from over 100 color variations of cotton threads and your favorite aromatic oil. The cotton threads are dyed 100% naturally with plants in Japan by Naho. Plant dyes are so wonderful because they all tend to look great together! Your finished temari will make a very special keepsake for yourself or someone you love. How about hanging it on your Christmas tree?

• Traditional Japanese art and craft of creating temari

• All materials are included in the class fee. 

TIME • 3 hours

AGE • 12+


TEACHER • Temaricious is a natural dye thread shop in Tokyo founded by nature enthusiasts Naho and Rika. They use both local and non-local plants to create gorgeous palettes of cotton thread. The threads can be used for embroidery as well as the ancient Japanese art of temari. Here's a little something about Naho in her own words: "I started crafting temari and natural dying five years ago. Maybe because I talk passionately, I was asked to teach shortly after. Ever since, I have been hosting workshops in Europe and Japan. I host this experience because I love all the aspects of the workshop. I love making temari with others, getting to know new people from different backgrounds, connecting people, and introducing my neighborhood. I also dream of visiting temarists all over the world when I travel. I hope this will also help preserve this precious tradition."

Classes cannot be refunded if the event is within 5 days. Classes may be canceled within 2 days of the event if there are not enough registrations, in which case a full refund of the class fee would be provided.